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How to Choose the Right ID Scanner for Your Business

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Verifying IDs helps keep your business safe and allows you to capture vital information. Instead of running the risks of accepting a fake or counterfeit ID, Age Validators ID and driver’s license scanners can display accurate information about every patron or customer in seconds, taking the guess work out of trying to verify an ID card while also alerting you to possible convicted criminals or offenders that could harm your business. Don’t run the risk of selling age-restricted products to an underage or restricted customer. With an Age Validator ID and driver’s license scanner, you can be sure that your business will be protected and complying with all laws in your state or area.

Bars and Restaurants

ID checks are a part of the nightlife industry, but it can be difficult to check patrons’ IDs when your bar or restaurant is busy. Age Validators ID scanners are perfect for bars and restaurants because employees and bouncers can instantly verify the age of patrons and deny service to underage customers. If you’re looking for an ID scanner for your bar or restaurant, you can utilize our handy state mapping tool to identify what ID and driver’s license scanners will work in your state. Take the frustration out of hectic nights with an Age Validators ID scanner, and eliminate long lines of customers waiting to have their ID or driver’s licenses checked. With an easy swipe, all the information you need is instantly in front of you, and the guesswork is gone.

Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Verifying IDs and driver’s licenses is a major aspect of owning a gas station or convenience store, and one wrong ID check can mean that your store has illegally sold alcohol, cigarettes, or tobacco products to someone underage. Wrongfully selling age-restricted products to a minor is a criminal offense, and could cause you to lose your business. Instead of worrying about fake IDs or driver’s licenses, use our Age Validator ID scanner and take the fear out of checking IDs. Our scanners will alert you if the ID card or driver’s license appears counterfeit, and we offer approved scanners for every state. If you need any help identifying what scanner is correct for your state, contact Age Validators today and we’ll be happy to help.

Liquor Stores

This is probably the most stressful business to own, as fake ID holders often try to buy liquor illegally. Avoid the major headache of trying to verify IDs and driver’s licenses with our ID scanners. One quick swipe will authenticate real ID cards, and also warn you against a fake driver’s license. Our scanners are specifically for magnetic stripe and government-issued IDs so that any type of fake card will instantly be declined. Keep your business safe with our ID and driver’s license scanners and order your state-specific scanner today!

Don’t compromise your business by accidentally accepting a fake ID or driver’s license. Even if it seems legitimate, one counterfeit ID card can wreak havoc on your business. Age Validators offers scanners particularly for your state, and we are more than happy to help you choose the correct scanner for your business. Protect your business and your customers from liability today with our Age Validators ID scanner. Order one today!